The science behind dating and romance shows there exist many rules and myths grounded on complete misconceptions. This article is going to debunk the myths associated with adult dating.

Myth 1 - It Is Not Possible To Become More Attractive

Scientists state beauty doesn't only have to do with your appearance. Heterosexual women find certain personality traits of men more meaningful than their physical attractiveness.

Myth 2 - Women Should Not Ask Men on a Date

90% of American men feel comfortable with a woman asking them out.

Myth 3 - Make Your Feelings Clear

Based on multiple studies, making your feelings clear when you first meet someone isn't an effective way to attract him/her. According to a 2014 study, men liked more those women who didn't show interested in them.

Myth 4 - Couples Know Everything about Each Other

One of the studies suggests that couples having been together longer felt more confident in how well they knew each other. However, relationship length and accuracy turned out to be different things.

Myth 5 - Men are Less Romantic than Women

According to a 2011 study, men were first to say "I love you" about three-quarters of the time in their relationship. An older study suggests men more believe in love at first sight and idealize their partner and relationships.

Myth 6 - Nice Guys are Long-term Partners

Research shows that long-term partners are more altruistic. This is viewed as a more desirable trait than good looks in long-term partners.

Myth 6 - Conflict Means the End of Your Relationship

A 2016 study suggests that the more often couples argue, the worse they feel about their relationship, unless they feel they have gained a better understanding.

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I looked up at the camera and posed exactly as I’d been asked to. The lights were fairly bright, and the underwear wasn’t that comfortable but you know London escort girls can always put up with a little discomfort. I was wearing some studded gear by a new Parisian underwear designer. It wasn’t too saucy, but there was a definite dominatrix feel to the studded cat-suit. It had taken me some time to get into it, so for practical reasons I’d give it a one out of ten. For treating you man to a naughty night of spanking and bondage, this would go well. The male model, Thierry, was grey-haired naturally and it suited the grey of his eyes. He was naturally slim and pouty. I found out he was in huge demand because of his unique look and at twenty-four, was more than happy to cash in on his premature greying.
Anyway it was my first experience of working with a French male model and I liked how efficient he was.
After the shoot, we looked through some of the photos, and realised I looked good in the cat suit after all. The red wig had featured well with the filter the photographer had used. The male model was stunning though – possibly the most photogenic I had ever worked with.
In the evening, we needed to do a shoot near the Seine and a narrow cobbled road was sectioned off for the half-hour of shooting. That must have cost the magazine some money as it was completely cordoned off with white, cement bollards. Wore long silk dressing gowns, with very little underneath, and could hear the whistles from a nearby bar. We had two security guards who batted away the punters who wanted to get to close.
Afterwards we went to the Trocadero, not too far from our hotel and ate in a restaurant overlooking the gardens and the Eiffel Tower. It was a lovely spot and the four of us chatted. As models we were used to late-night meals. We’d only finished work twenty minutes ago, so after a quick change, we’d had reservations at ten. Then we were planning to hit a late-night bar afterwards. .
I was getting too old for this. I promised myself I’d be in bed by one, so I could be up at seven-thirty, breakfast eaten and ready for the taxi at eight-thirty. For some reason, I doubted if we’d even go to sleep at all. This was Paris after all, and Josh was home alone taking my mother out for a meal!

What You Need to Know About Psychotherapy Let us talk first about the word psychotherapy before we talk about anything else regarding the topic at hand. The word psychotherapy consists actually of two words, namely psyche and therapy. Psyche as the same with psychology, means mind our soul, and therapy on the other hand means healing. Naturally, psychotherapy is about healing and nurturing the mind and soul, soul in this definition is our feelings and what we are thinking. Also, psychotherapy seeks to address a client's mental and psychological disorders by using psychological techniques rather than by using medicine. There are two types of psychotherapy, one is psychiatry and the other is counseling. Psychiatry is most often used by medical doctors because it involves prescribing drugs. Drugs are prescribed for various mental illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, and ADHD. Counseling, on the other hand is the more common form of psychotherapy, and mostly involves talking. Counseling seeks to emphasize the therapeutic relationship between the therapist themselves and the individual seeking therapy. The psychotherapist is essentially one who practices psychotherapy, and the one that can address your needs when searching for a cure to your psychological disorders through the use of psychological methods. A psychotherapist receives 4-8 years worth of schooling and training to be certified, and is also licensed and duly certified by a corresponding accredited body. A psychotherapist can also hold other jobs outside of his psychotherapy career, such as being a nurse, social worker, doctor, mental health worker and a counselor. But when you are seeing them for the purpose of psychotherapy, then they are obliged to provide you only that service and not any other. For psychotherapists, there is a great emphasis on creating an environment and a relationship where the client seeking your service is fully comfortable and where a psychotherapeutic change can occur. This entails that the whole psychotherapy process should occur in a private, comfortable and safe environment. Another thing that is important in psychotherapy is the confidentiality between the client and therapist. The client needing therapy should be able to comfortably tell their therapist their problems without having to fear their colleagues, friends or coworkers knowing about them. It shouldn't be forgotten that the psychotherapeutic relationship is an active listening and speaking exchange relationship. Both the client and psychotherapist talk, where the client talks about his/her problems. In turn, the therapist should then help the client identify the roots of their problem, and then work on that to find out the goals and wishes they should accomplish. A rule with psychotherapy and all other therapies are never be afraid to seek help.

The Art of Mastering Options

The Art of Mastering Options

Tips on How to Choose the Best Matchmaking Dating Site People as we are and in the world we live in today, to find someone who you could be in a relationship with can be done in a number of ways and one way to do this is through matchmaking dating sites. What's great about these types of dating sites is that it allows people to easily locate people as per their preference easily because all they have left to do is to put the information and the website will be there to give off data according to your needs. Also, these matchmaking dating websites come in free, and no membership fee is required. The old way of locating such profiles will actually take up too much of your time because you will have to go through every single profile that you will find, unlike today's matchmaking dating sites where all you will have to do is just input the information you are looking for and the website can easily work the magic and show you thousands of profiles that match as per your specifics. Specifically speaking, this type of technology is something that really has revolutionized how people search for profiles of people they are interested in, which is something that should not be left out and ignored. Technically speaking, when you are to visit and join such dating sites, you will right away be asked to fill in a form that may look tedious at first but generally speaking, the main purpose of all these information being needed right up front is for you to save time in the long run. Once everything has been filled up, it will then be available in the system to be searched to make it easier for people to look to your profile and contact you. Generally speaking, when everything is filled up accordingly, the matchmaking dating site that you signed up will then use your profile so that other users will be able to locate your profile for their convenience as well.
The Key Elements of Great Dating
Once you have everything filled up in the most efficient way, then you can assure that you will not have to worry about having to put your search queries in because the searches that will then show up or recommendations that will show up will be based from the preference that you have put right at the start of your registration.
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When looking for a reputable matchmaking dating site, there also are things that you will have to be concerned about right at the start and if you are looking for a dating site that has a lot of searches that surely matches your preference, then you should go for a dating site that has millions of member because this is a clear indication that the matchmaking dating site is reputable and trusted.

How to Start Up a Telecommunication Company

In the world today, technology has become a part of the living. Use of the mobile phones, to using the internet, telecommunications is a very demanding industry today. With such high demand, it would be great to set up such a good business.

You will need to know the scope of the business before you start it. The industry is so huge, and you need to know where you will fit best. The options vary from selling of phones to repairing them to keeping a secure system and much more. Start focusing on one thing at a time. You will need to write down your goals, both short term and long term.

Once you know where you want to focus in, write a business proposal. Here, you write down your ideas, the finances required and the work plan needed. The business plan is more of a guidebook in a business setting. The vision and mission are important for you to know. In making the budget, remember to include all the bills including the utilities and the employees' salaries.
If You Think You Get Services, Then Read This

A business permit is required when starting a business. Apply for one from the telecommunications agency. In order to obtain a license, different locations have different procedures to follow. It is necessary to follow up until you get the required papers needed for a start.
What Do You Know About Phones

Financial institutions offer small loans which you would need in case of a shortage of finances. Start-up businesses are easily funded by some institutions, and this would be a great idea. Many will require collateral and the business proposal would be ideal to use. You can also approach an investor and let them know of your ideas. The investors help a big deal in putting up the startup capital.

Hire at least two people to help in the running of the business. Let the employees be part time for a start. When it comes to the payments, this will enable you to save a lot that could be used to pay more employees. Let the employees deal with business management while you work on major clients.

You will need to advertise yourself all around since no one knows you in the market. Use the media, tell your friends, make write ups and stick them all over the place to advertise. To initiate the business, call out your friends for a cocktail party and introduce it to them.

Resilience, hard work and a good attitude are needed to make the business prosper. Network with fellow business people and make the right connections. It takes some time for a business to catch up and many people tend to lose hope, which is a wrong idea.

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When a good friend of mine fell in love a few years ago, she had a strong desire to be loved by her partner. She wanted this relationship to work out and tried to give everything - sometimes more than she had. She wiped off some minor red flag with He didn't mean it or He had such a difficult childhood. Each red flag motivated her to give more. The relationship ended after three years with deep hurt and exhaustion.

Falling in love makes us vulnerable. With all the butterflies in the stomach, there also appear painful what if-scenarios in our mind. What if he doesn't love me? What if I am not good enough? They aren't helpful, and it's easy to be swept away by fears and fall into traps that don't allow you to create a loving and intimate relationship:

Thinking that you can make him fall in love with you.

My friend forgot about her needs and wants and only thought about her partner and his possible reactions. She desperately wanted him to love her. She thought that she just had to do all he wanted, and then he would love her. Before she wrote him a mail, she asked herself, how will he react if I write this? or, what will he think if I do this? Sometimes, she wanted to get my opinion, and I said, do what feels right for you. You don't know how he will react, and you cannot control what he will do. You can just be yourself. It doesn't matter how hard you try you can never make a man love you. He may start to love you or not. It's not within your control. If a man doesn't love you as you are, let him go and move forward.

Scarcity thinking.

My friend believed that he was the only available man and the only option for a relationship. Instead of giving herself the time to get to know him she made herself believe that he was the "one and only." Was this really true? No. It was the voice of her fears. Instead of listening to her intuition, she pushed herself to make the relationship work, independent on the price she had to pay. Even though it is painful to let go of a relationship, there is always more than one opportunity. There are great men out there who are ready to fall in love with you. However, you need to close one door before a new one opens.

Trying to please him.

My friend also fell into the trap of trying to please him. She ignored her needs and limits and gave him everything. In the past, I struggled with this, too. However, loving somebody does not mean that you have to do everything he wants. It's about finding the right balance between loving him and loving yourself. If you fall in love, stay connected with yourself. Instead of focusing on what going on in him, explore your inner world. Spend time alone or meditate 15 minutes a day. Become aware of your process to fall in love with and to commit to him: What do you really want or need? What are your hopes and dreams? What are you fears and insecurities?

Interpreting his words or behaviors.

My friend spent hours interpreting his words and actions. What might he have meant with this? Why did he do it? When he said that he didn't love her, she interpreted that it was only his fear of relationship and that he would change. When she asked me for my opinion, I answered, I have no idea. You need to ask him to find out what he meant with it. She never asked because she feared his answer. Interpretations are just the movie you make up about your partner. They are a projection of your experiences, not what is going on within him. Dare to ask him what he really meant with it. Dare to explore his world. Be curious and do not judge. That's a great way to find out whether you really want to choose him as a partner to spend your life with.

How can you avoid these traps?

Show him who you are with your beauty and imperfections. It may sound scary, and it's the best way to create true love and belonging. Or do you want to bear your masks forever? Be true to yourself. Now is the time to be honest and create a deep connection with your partner. Let go of your mask and speak your truth. You cannot influence what he will think about it. And if he likes it and falls in love with you, you have created a nurturing foundation for your relationship.

What traps did you fall into? How can you avoid them in the future?

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Natalie supports - as a Relationship Mentor - women worldwide to become courageous, compassionate and conscious in their relationships. Through their collaboration, they are empowered to face their challenges, develop new behaviours and become whole. They avoid the traps from the past and emerge as relationship heroines - happier and stronger women, proud of their scars and ready for a fabulous relationship.

"You have to learn to get up from the table when love is no longer being served."

Such an eloquent phrase yet not many of us are good at recognizing this point in a relationship. There's a million reasons to stay in a relationship that's either bad for us or simply not going anywhere.

You might stay:

1. for the kids

2. for financial security

3. for companionship (you just don't want to be alone)

4. because of other people's influence (don't want to tell the family you have parted)

5. because the time's just not right to leave (hello... there's never a right time)

Whilst you are stuck in a relationship that's either just marking time, not going anywhere or even destructive you are preventing yourself and your current partner from meeting your/their ideal match. Having been single on and off for a good part of my life I've been fairly good at spotting the relationship that's heading in the downward spiral and have managed to extract myself quickly. I'm not perfect by any means as there have been a select few that I have hung on to like a dog with a bone only to end up with something that resembles very bad indigestion. Clearly I should have given up on those a lot sooner but that's another story for another day.

Extracting yourself from a relationship is never easy as there is usually one party that does not want the relationship to end. If you are the closer of the relationship do it with the respect you would wish for yourself. Don't text, email or ignore your partner as a means of closing the chapter. Have a fair and reasonable one on one conversation with them so you can explain that the relationship is not working for you anymore. There may be a multitude of reasons for why you now think they are wrong for you but try to avoid pointing the finger and playing the blame game. It's much nicer to walk away leaving you both with your pride in tact. Some one will still have hurt feelings so try to be sensitive to how they are feeling while maintaining your stance.

If you are on the receiving end of a broken relationship it's likely that you will hurt for quite some time. To survive these difficult times it's important to rally around your friends, find lots of things to do to keep busy and try to shift your focus from missing your partner to looking forward to exciting changes and moving forward. Take a breath here too as there is no rush to find the next potential 'Mr Right'. Sometimes we can lose ourselves in our relationships a little so some time out getting back in touch with who you are can be very refreshing.

On a closing note be aware that you are the only one that knows when it's over. Your family, your friends, your colleagues may mean well but they do not have to walk in your shoes. It's a decision you have to make (unless of course you are in an extreme situation) and you alone. You can't live your life to everyone else's tune. Remember this is your song sheet so choose your words wisely.

Are you looking to inject a little more fun and excitement into your relationship? Or, maybe you are looking to impress that new special someone in your life with a unique and original date idea. By thinking outside of the box, it is possible to come up with novel ideas that will not break the bank. Whether you get outside and do something active, or visit one of the many dinner theatre restaurants, you are guaranteed to showcase your originality and creativeness for your special someone.

1. Meteor Showers and Star Gazing

One incredibly romantic, and inexpensive, date idea requires only a date, the night sky, and a comfortable place to sit or lay down. With eight meteor showers on the calendar this year, it should be a snap to plan a romantic star date with your sweetheart. So, grab a bottle of wine and a blanket, pack a picnic basket, and drive out beyond the lights of your town or city. Lay on the hood of your car or in the back of your truck, and watch the magic happen.

2. Treat Yourselves

A favorite among established couples, take your date to a spa for the day or weekend. Nobody can deny the charm of spending the day being pampered, sipping champagne, and relaxing with your loved one. Sign up for a couples' massage for the perfect capstone to this relaxing experience. Undoubtedly, you will both be simply radiating with amorous feelings when you go out for dinner later in the evening.

3. Get Out On the Water

There is absolutely some romantic quality about gliding atop the water with your loved one. Rent a kayak, canoe, or rowboat and hit the lake or river to explore your city from a new perspective. Whether powered by wind or your bodies, this will give you the opportunity to relax and just talk. Likely, you will get a chance to spot some of the local wildlife. Do not forget to pack some crackers and cheese or a small picnic.

4. Food Festivals and Farmers Markets

Eating and sharing food with the person you love can be an incredibly sensual and fun experience. Check your town's events calendar to see if there are any food festivals on the horizon, or make a visit to your local farmer's market to peruse the selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. After collecting a few items, perhaps you and your date can venture back home to cook a delicious meal together.

5. Dinner Theatre Restaurants

If dinner and entertainment is more your style, you might check out a venue that provides meals and beverages along with a show. There are tons of options out there for this type of outing, so you are bound to find something to fit your and your dates interests and proclivities. Is your date into historical combat and the romance of the medieval period? Or, do you prefer something more abstract like the ballet or a play? With a little planning, you are guaranteed to find the perfect date idea.